Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writing Dreams (Heart)

Well, it is late tonight and I am always thinking about different things but, today was enjoyable. I have been having nice moments where I just watch the trees, listen to some really nice music and just be. *sigh* It has been very nice. I have been finding that more and more everyday I am getting. Ready for love you know. Though I know I have it with my forever husband, their feels to be a preparing for my natural husband. Hmm...inside of me I know that it is true. Even today the Lord, my love, told me that my husband dreams of me. I could not help but to blush and be tickled by that. God is so eve perfect to me. My heart can not help but to sing. I know that one day, some day...I will be here writing on how my heart has been found by my future husband. Until then, I keep my heart held in my Lord's hands until he feels there is someone worthy enough for it.

I am so amazed and honored by that...... :)

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