Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friendly Banter???

Well, today I wrote a message to a friend of mine. I felt bad about some things said which revealed to me his heart on matters of trust. Let me give you some insight on this matter. I went to a retreat this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. The day that we were about to leave a bunch of us were kidding around and telling my friend that he needed to show us his cooking skills and make a friend her egg in the hole. We were encouraging him and all and he started expressing that he did not believe us when we were encouraging me. This made me feel bad because I was not being mean or anything but genuine about my intent and so were the other women. He then expressed in a joking but not way that he did not trust us to be genuinely encouraging him. I sort of did not give it any thought until today. I wrote him an apology for ever making him feel that way and letting him know that was not my intention. 
Him and I have always had some banter back and forth and sometimes there are things said jokingly that hurt and I would let him know. I have slowed down on my jokes with him because I don't want to have a hurtful friendship with him and we both need to respect one another. i have not heard anything from him but hopefully this will help.

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